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21 April 10:00

APRIL 21 | 2021 | #WID2021 

The past year has been a year of turbulence, but also of tremendous innovation where companies and sectors have innovated at an unprecedented pace.

World Creativity and Innovation Day (#WCID) is a global UN day celebrated on April 21st to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem solving. The Day was established to encourage everyone to dig deep and find their own inner da Vinci. Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every walk of life, occupation and career.

Learn from innovative startups, scaleups and industry leaders at Epicenter while celebrating the World Innovation Day 2021. The day will be filled with exciting virtual sessions and other content filled with innovative angles and topics. 



The Importance of Innovation
Live from Studio 3, Epicenter’s co-founder Ola Ahlvarsson and Head of Community Ellen Bjerkehag dazzles and provokes, explore technology and innovation.

Real Innovation with Impact
Epicenter's Head of Community Ellen Bjerkehag moderates a conversation around real innovation with impact within various industries. Participating in the discussion:

“Reshaping the universe of talent acquisition”
: Adrian McDonald, CEO at Adway. Adway is a data-driven talent acquisition partner that will streamline your candidate inflow and employer brand. Increase your talent inflow and strengthen your employer brand with our automated recruitment marketing solution

“Powering the restaurant of the future”
Speaker: Alexander Herbring, Head Of Partnerships at Future Ordering. Future Ordering is a digital ordering platform for global restaurant brands. Powering some of the most profitable and innovative restaurant chains, deployed across 10 countries running millions of transactions per month

Reinventing Retail
Epicenter's co-founder Ola Ahlvarsson moderates a conversation around innovation within retail, and how the reinvention of how, why and what we shop is crucial for the future of retail. 
Speaker: Carita Weiss, Head of Retail & Payments COOP Digital. Carita is a driving force in developing new payment solutions when COOP challenges and renews traditional ways of shopping in stores.

Avoiding risk or catching opportunity?

Together with tech journalist Waldemar Ingdahl and Epicenter's chief disruption officer Hannes Sapiens, we learn more on how to navigate the future, how to evaluate innovation and how to use principles as guidelines, rather than dogma.

The launch of: Epicenter RedPill Experience
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